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Brand Innovation Never Stops

innovation never stops

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Where will your brand be in 30 years and how can you transform into that vision?  Learn from Kyle Hermans, tops in Brand Innovation. Kyle Hermans at Synecticsworld can answer that! In a Group Creativity Training post-session conversation with Cheryl Hodgson, who attended a 5-day brand-transformation event, Kyle shares how teams can train to think outside the box, envisioning where their brand will be in the years to come… and then preparing the company now for that future. For those that succeed, brand Innovation Never Stops. (Transcript provided)

Contributor: Cheryl Hodgson is the Founder & Principal at Hodgson Legal in Los Angeles, California and a frequent contributor to Brandaide’s online publication.

KH: Cheryl, it’s been great to have you here for the last 5 days at our facilitating group creativity training with our group Synecticsworld. It’s been exciting to watch the journey: you ran an incredible session today and I’m excited to see where we can work it further.

CH: Kyle, thank you. And tell me, what is Synecticsworld?

KH: Synecticsworld is an innovation and creativity consultancy. We’ve been in existence for about 50 years born out of Cambridge and over the last 50 years we’ve been documenting, studying and analysing how teams (collaborative teams and cross-functional teams) come together to work together to reach breakthroughs, and what are the elements of that interaction that make for breakthroughs, and what are the elements of interaction that don’t and teaching and transferring and facilitating teams to be able to reach those breakthroughs every time against complex challenges.

CH: Well you had some sessions this morning, and I was wondering if you could share with us a little bit about what was accomplished in those sessions and what were the tasks?

CH: So there were 3 different sessions, so this is obviously the 5th day with the 5 days of training. On the 5th day we start to work with real groups and the 3 groups that were facilitated today, we had the really impactful film-makers Joshua and Rebecca Tickell from Green Planet Productions and they are looking at the future of new movies on how to help the world move and disconnect themselves from fuel to find alternative methods. We had the Shakti Tribe, which are a music group and a music movement that are looking to expand and grow global consciousness and pull collaboration and collectiveness together [by] working on the future layer of their expression of their music and also of the movement. We had Richard Burke from Inside Hollywood and he was working on the next layer of his business and how to empower actors: how to empower actors and how to empower the industry to be self-sustaining to actually help young expressive actors from all around the world be able to come and make a career for themselves in America and elsewhere in the world.

CH: Whenever there’s a session, what is the goal of each session for the client?

KH: The goal of each client in their session is that they start with a complex challenge, that could be a task or an opportunity or an issue, and then (given the allotted period of time) it’s coming away with a very powerful breakthrough: a completely new way (a new solution) that they could use, that answers that task, that they can use to drive their business forward, or drive their services forward.

CH: Kyle you do this all over the world, right? You must have had some amazing experiences.

KH: Yes, around 17 countries, more than 50 to 70 brands, in more than 100 cities.

CH: What’s the most interesting task you’ve ever had to innovate for a company?

KH: “The most interesting task you’ve ever had to innovate for a company?” – that is really interesting. You’ve kind of got me on the spot there because there’s so many…

CH: [Laughter]

KH: …I would think that I’d have to kind of galvanise a few of them. For me the most interesting task a company has ever asked me to facilitate is what is the next layer of who we’re going to be? Often that’s got to do with future thinking. So, if we were existing 30 years from now, who would we be and what are we doing, what are the services that we’re running…

CH: And how are you relevant?

KH: …and how are we relevant and how are our customers and consumers working with us. I always find that when a company is taking an ambitious and a very courageous stance on looking at what the next layer of their ventures are, what the next layer of their products, their services: they’re looking to really understand where their markets and targets are going to be in anything from 10, 20, 30 years from now. Those are the most exciting for me because honestly, you’re rewriting and recreating history, you’re almost manifesting what’s going to come into history. And so you’re working with clients that then go and set forth incredible visions. So for me those are the most challenging, because they often also galvanise global people, so you’re working with multiple nationalities…

CH: And I’m sure that presents some really interesting challenges…

KH: …it does. That’s why we say we’re in the business of solving complex challenges, because you come with a task but honestly, at the end of the day, the challenge (whatever challenge you have) has complexity built into it. The people that are going to be responsible for putting it out there, all of the different climates and environments that your new idea has to go in and actually take root and bloom, so I find complex challenges to be the most fascinating thing these days.

CH: So what’s the next challenge for you?

KH: The next challenge for me? I believe that the next challenge for me is going to be getting as many people in the world exposed to this transformational way of looking at challenges and actually solving challenges. I think that we’re sitting on (I think the whole world is sitting on) an opportunity with the amount of opportunities and crises and all these kinds of things, of bringing together the diversity of the world, which is now such a shrinking town. It’s no longer so expansive and far apart: we’re so interconnected. If we can drive that talent to actually start solving for incredible complex challenges I think the next big thing for me is being a big part of galvanising that and actually going out and – I want to facilitate the future. I’m really impassioned about what’s coming and I want to be involved in that.

CH: It shows: Thank you Kyle.

KH: Thank you Cheryl.

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