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provides entrepreneurs and business owners with direct referrals to proven, highly skilled USPTO trademark attorneys and IP professionals around the globe through the Brandaide network of trademark attorneys.

Brandaide founder Cheryl Hodgson, a top USPTO trademark attorney has developed global network of trusted trademark professionals who are now available through the Brandaide Global IP referral network.

A portfolio of Intellectual Property, including trademarks is proven to increase brand value. Equally important in today’s noisy online world is a plan to protect valuable business assets from online thieves, to future-proof your brand.

Finding professional advice you can trust is not always easy, and it’s our mission to make certain entrepreneurs side-step bad advice have access to a professional experienced trademark attorney that make certain your business has a solid foundation, and is BUILT TO LAST

Brandaide: Create, Build and Protect your Brand

Brand protection is but one part of the brand building conversation. The words Create | Build | Protect reference the silos of branding within which a multitude of areas of expertise reside. Building a breakthrough, future proofed brand requires a multi-disciplinary discipline approach to brand building and access to true expertise when it’s time to invest in the life of your brand. Trademark protection for your name, your most valuable business asset requires guidance from a trained USPTO trademark attorney.

Brandaide provides brand building education, training, and consulting, so you create the roadmap to a solid business and legal foundation. You will know who to turn to in building your brand, when and as needed in the evolution of your business. Our experts provide training in such areas as brand selection, brand protection, brand development, customer experience, team building, messaging, brand voice, innovation and sustainability, to name but a few.

Cheryl Hodgson

CEO & Founder

Attorney Cheryl Hodgson founded Brandaide to provided business owners access to expert USPTO trademark attorneys that provide advice and guidance before filing a USPTO trademark application.

Outside counsel to entrepreneurs, BRANDMUSE™, global strategist for trademark protection, and protector of big ideas–these words describe the role Cheryl Hodgson plays advising and protecting her clients around the globe. Cheryl Hodgson provides clients with a combination practical business experience in the music industry, as well as of years of counseling as an attorney in the entertainment and music industry. Cheryl has been as a federal court litigator in cases involving music industry contracts, trademarks and copyrights. The court room experience bringing a practical perspective to business transactions and IP protection calculated to secure protection that minimizes business and legal risks. Cheryl is author of the International best seller Registered Trademark: The Business Owners’ Essential Guide to Brand Protection,  and host of the BRAND ®EVOLUTION podcast.

Her clients include entrepreneurs, scaling businesses, publishers, fashion brands, coaches, trainers, authors, companies in music technology, and music publishing. When it comes to trademark protection around the globe, Cheryl has become the “lawyer’s lawyer” to whom other attorneys turn for advice. Cheryl is licensed in California and New York and has served as a federal court mediator, Professor of Law at Loyola Law School. Cheryl is Past President of the California Copyright Conference, a Los Angeles based music industry group. She is a recognized trademark expert and member of the International Trademark Association, the organization for the world’s top global trademark attorneys.

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