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Read what our clients say about Brandaide USPTO Trademark Attorneys. A Brandaide USPTO Trademark Lawyer provides advice and guidance before you file. Our goal is to make certain you Select | Secure | Sustain®  protection for registered trademarks that add brand legitimacy to your on line business, and safeguards valuable brand assets from online thieves. When you hire a great trademark attorney, it makes a world of difference.

I've never met someone that is so passionate about protecting those of us that need what you have to open. You're so knowledgeable and you know what you're doing.
Jewels Arnes
Founder "Eternal Gold"
Very good! Easy communication, quick actions and a good sense for solving a problem. Pragmatic, straightforward & professional. I've been very happy with the cooperation in 2 different cases so far.
Elvir Omerbegovic
President, Urban Sony Music Germany
When I first went in to see Cheryl, she took one look at the application I tried to do three times on my own, and that I hired another attorney to do, she immediately said, "You did this wrong and this wrong." It was like 15 things, which is very embarrassing, because I'm an attorney. She immediately fixed it, and my application sailed through.
Diana Mercer
Mediation Services
Very Positive. The experience has been great. Cheryl is a great communicator. She is eager to share her experience and unique perspective. Not only does she explain complicated issues in a clear and concise way, but she also has a strong understanding of business needs. As an owner of a growing business, she made my life easier and helped to add value to the brand that will continue far into the future.
Stephen Cox
A Christmas miracle! You are, once again, a rockstar!

Jeff Rona
CEO, Liquid Cinema
Cheryl represented my startup firm in a trademark dispute against an intimidating and well-funded adversary. Attorneys at larger firms had told me to just roll over and play dead. But Cheryl liked the facts of the case and she was willing to fight for me. And guess what-- we won! I am grateful to Cheryl for her hard work and for having the courage to take a stand on my behalf. Thank you, councilor!
David S. Feinman
President, Silverlake Portfolio Advisors
I took my own advice, work with an expert through the different phases of the growth of a business. I needed to trademark my own. We were able to get my business trademarked in record time with minimum fuss.
JP McAvoy
Business Attorney
A great and intelligent mind; a beautiful disposition and character and a kind but tough heart. That's what you get when you hire Cheryl Hodgson and her Hodgson Law Firm Professional Pro's. She says it will get done and it does. A legal mind I can trust so mine doesn't have need to worry. Someone who will settle things in a protective yet fair manner.
Joe Sutton
Heart of Hollywood
We have been happy with the service. Knowledgeable and trustworthy, both are important things for us. We now have a deeper understanding of the trademarking process and how using it adds value to the company.
Helena Lumme
CTO, Real Food Partners
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