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Cyber Security for your Trademarks

trademark cyber security

Cyber security also applies to trademarks and domain names. Are your trademarks and brand names secure from online thieves in the new world of gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains)? Hundreds of new domain endings have already launched and hundreds more will be launching in the months ahead.

Cyber security through the Trademark Clearinghouse

Cyber security for registered trademarks is now available by registering with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TCH). If you own one or more U.S. trademark registrations, but have not registered them with the Clearinghouse, your trademarks are at risk of being registered by a third party in such domains as “.sucks”, “.xxx”, or “.porn”.

The Clearinghouse is a database of verified trademarks connected to each and every new Top Level Domain that will launch. Brandaide, in association with Hodgson Legal, has been certified as an agent to register trademarks with the Clearinghouse and is available to assist you with those registrations.

Why is cyber security for your trademark important?

As a brand owner, you can submit your trademark data into the Clearinghouse’s database prior to the launch of new domains. This submission grants the brand owner (or brand owner’s agent) first priority in retrieving new Top Level Domains.

Additionally, registering your trademark with the Clearinghouse sets up an alert system. Anyone who wishes to register a domain name that matches your trademark record is alerted to your rights and he or she must acknowledge your rights before completing registration.

The Clearinghouse will also notify you of any domain that has been registered containing your trademark. You will immediately receive notice of possible infringement of your trademarks by way of attempted registration of a domain containing your mark.

It is important to be proactive and protect your brand names from being used in the new domain endings without your consent. Additionally, if you wish to register your mark with these emerging domain names, you will be the first to be able to do so. You need only record your mark ONCE in the Clearinghouse to benefit from the services provided. Registration is available for terms of one, three, or five years. Trademark Clearinghouse Fee Schedule.

To register your trademarks at the Clearinghouse, contact us at 310.623.3515 or cheryl@