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Mouse Trap-Branding Mistakes
Top 10 Branding Mistakes

You're a genius! You've come up with the most original, mind-blowing, market-shattering brand name imaginable - and you're already getting it out there with marketing materials, through your network, on the web. Check yourself against these top 10 Branding Mistakes from our contributing trademark experts at Hodgson Legal to confirm…

Secret APPLE Sauce
Secret APPLE Sauce

CH: Welcome to the Brandaide Conversation. I’m here with Kyle Hermans of Synecticsworld and we’re here in conversation about brands and one of which we’re chatting about is Apple. And it’s really an interesting question Kyle how Apple went from being a computer and/or a music player (like in the…

Tiffany Blue Box
Naming Your Baby Brand

Here are a few words of advice: Search within in your industry to narrow the field in an effort to eliminate terms already in use, including terms which are overused and common within a particularly trade or industry. The more uncommon a term within an industry, the greater chance of success…