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Building a breakthrough brand in today’s noisy world is not easy. Why do some companies seem to effortlessly connect to the hearts and minds of their customers, while others struggle to be seen and heard? To answer these questions, we sit down with some of the top brand mentors who help entrepreneur create build & protect a Revolution, an evolution for one customer at a time.

We will reveal secrets of the big brands. Discover the difference between businesses that create a legacy, and those that fade into the unknown. We ask the questions—you discover the answers.

Leverage your business, make a greater impact, and change the lives of those you serve.

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Leverage wealth and build a legacy for your business with registered trademarks. This consumer driven owners’ guide is your three-step path to bullet proof your online brand assets from bricks to clicks, offline and on.

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In this episode, Cheryl discusses:  Her professional background


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Legacy Brands Began with a Plan. Start building your legacy today

About Cheryl

Cheryl Hodgson, a leading trademark attorney pulls back the curtain for entrepreneurs to share what the pros know. She has carefully reimagined tried and proven trademark principles and presents them in easy to understand language.  This guide which will empower you to grow and leverage wealth using Intellectual Property to create a legacy for you and your business.

A few smart moves early in the life of your business is an investment in the life and health of your brand.  Avoid a world of pain the risk of loss. Market your business with a strength and integrity that makes a greater impact in the world, and upon those you serve.

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