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Online Presentation Tool: The Money Matrix


The 20-Move Money Matrix is both a live as well as an online presentation tool developed by Joel Bauer, often referred to as the “Godfather of the close.” Joel is more than a public speaking coach. He has trained and inspired thousands of students world-wide to learn to create authentic connection with their audience using the 20 Move Money Matrix.  

The Matrix empowers those with any special skill or knowledge with an online presentation tool to share their knowledge to  transform lives. Joel empowers students to use his techniques to teach what they know to others. The Money Matrix is a framework, an online presentation tool for anyone to use to teach what they know to help others.

In this fascinating interview, Joel shares not only his online presentation tool, but the heart and soul of the man called the “Mentor’s Mentor.”

In This Episode, Cheryl & Joel Discuss:

  • The importance of truth and authenticity in branding yourself and your business.
  • How Joel’s Money Matrix works as an online presentation tool, and why his teachings are replicable with simple techniques anyone can put into practice.
  • The Money Matrix takes the user well beyond just learning from a public speaking coach.
  • The importance of believing in what you’re presenting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be self-effacing in order to be relatable.
  • The best way for anyone to relate what they do is to relate it to a story.
  • Anyone can master the art of presentation using  the Money Matrix.
  • Get out of your own way to find your voice.

I teach truth, authenticity and proof – tell the truth, be authentic to yourself and show the proof.Joel Bauer

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Joel Bauer, the Mentor's Mentor shares his online presentation tool, the Money Matrix. Joel's Money Matrix is much more than what a public speaking coach would share.

Cheryl Hodgson: 0:22

Please welcome the father of three and millionaire mentor and soon-to-be grandfather, Joel Bauer.

Joel Bauer 1:38

Cheryl, thank you for having me. I actually enjoy this because it's fun to let other people know how you've achieved, what you've achieved when the process is easily duplicatable. The hard thing is looking forward to when you haven't done it. But as you know, the secret is to find someone who's already done what you want to do, like you with branding or you with Intellectual Property. My wife and I, our company, do not move forward without you involved in our process. There's not a single document or protection that you don't set up for us. And we rely on you for that, because we don't have to worry about losing our original ideas, programs and processes and events, of course.

Cheryl Hodgson: 2:26

Well, thank you, Joel. I appreciate that. I want to share something with our audience. And I like to do this at the beginning of my interviews for Brandaide. Something the audience might not know about you. Those of us who have had the privilege of attending some of your live events have probably heard this. But you've been on stage since a very young age, and that your first appearance was at age 13 on a cruise ship. Please share with us a little bit about that.

Joel Bauer 2:58

I was a child magician. Pretty bad. When I was 41 years old, I was at my Mom’s somewhere. I take care of my Mom now, she's not doing too well. And I said to her, “Mom, how was I a as a child magician.” She says, “Well, it doesn't matter you did fine in life.” I go, “No, how was I?” I pushed her for like 10 minutes. And finally, she broke. And she said, “Well, remember how I would sit out in the car at those events that you would do in Miami Beach for the elderly people?” And I said “Yes.” She says, “Well, you know, I never came in because you were embarrassing. You were that bad. It was so bad that I couldn't possibly show my face.” I said, “Wow. So, what was your theory Mom?” And she said, “I thought you'd either get better, but I was really hoping you'd quit. Because I would cringe.” And I said, “Wow, I'm getting a lot of honesty here. Not sure I want to push you again.”

So, my contention is, and I've proven this time and time again Cheryl, that anyone can do what I do. I don't have talent, I have technique. So, whether I'm training a Dan Lok or an Alex Mandossian or Myron Golden. You were just there because you actually invested in and you attended that event. They were at one of my masterclasses. I must tell you the main security services because I think we all have, but let me just speak for myself. I still have insecurity. It doesn't matter how many millions of dollars I've generated doesn't matter how well leveraged my family is. What matters is that. I'm not there to please the client. I'm trying to please myself. And I am so demanding on my connection to the audience and my over-delivery.

Cheryl Hodgson: 5:00

Joel, let me ask what does it take for you to please yourself?

Joel Bauer 5:10

We won't go to the obvious standup comedy answers or sit-down comedy answers to please me. And I truly believe this. If I've done everything that I can do it --let's just take this Dan Lok, Myron Golden, and Alex Mandossian scenario, Mia Rodrick. We had about 57 people at my last event. They're all spending a lot of money to be there and a lot of time and they are at all different levels in their evolution Some are there to speak, some are there to market, some are there to close, and they're learning all these skills from me. And yet, I'm thinking well, wait a minute, you know, Dan Lok makes a couple of million dollars a month. Alex does, I don't know 4, 6-7$ million dollars a year. Myron just closed $4 million in less than 35 minutes on Russell Brunson's stage doing a re-pitch. These guys are some of the best in the world. And they're coming to study with me. Can you understand how that puts a degree of pressure, because I want to please everyone? And then I realized that ultimately, there's only one thing I can do. I can only teach what I know. And I have to be calm and I have to remain centered. And that's exactly what I do. I teach from my expertise. I don't try and be something that I'm not or talk about things that I haven't done or exaggerate or lie or criticize, because those things will get you in trouble. And as a result, and it blew me away. But all three of them went up to my wife who was sitting there actually orchestrating my daughter's wedding. She was working on the seating charts.

Cheryl Hodgson: 6:49

And what a wedding It was. It was incredible.
And the chart came out fabulous. I might add.

Joel Bauer 6:55

Cheryl, Alex, Myron, and Dan Lok walked up to my wife with their credit cards on day two of a four-day event. And they said, “Please take our credit card number down and sell us whatever Joel is going to be charging for the end of the event.” And she says, “Well, he's not necessarily-- there's no back end.” They said, “No, there's got to be something, maybe it's his time.” but she says, “Well, he might offer some of his time.” But that blew me away. And I didn't know that she told me after the event, they'd already prepaid if anything was going to be offered, and she didn't know if any there was going to be offered. Because I don't do events where there's necessarily a back end, my master class is a master class. So, I found out something. I found out that if you're true to yourself, and you just do and I've been doing this since I was standing. I was born with spinal meningitis and my mother was told I'd be dead and the first week I just kept in an incubator for a couple weeks and she was sent home with a bunch of valiumn. I didn't talk or walk or do anything till I was about six, six and a half. So, my Mom would just prop me up in the corner of the room and I’d played with a piece of paper. And I'm not talking forming a geodesic dome or a piece of origami. I was just playing with a piece of paper all day and her sister came to her when I was about, I think, eight months. And her sister said, “Your kid is retarded. You need to put him in a special school. It's going to get worse Carol.” That’s my mother's name, born on Christmas. Her mother actually lied to her. Her mother told her that she was born on Christmas so that you wouldn't have to celebrate her birthday separately. She could give her one gift versus two. Pretty crappy. So, we found out that my mother's actually born the day after Christmas, 26th. And we celebrate both separately, although I am tempted.

Cheryl Hodgson: 8:52

Okay, I want to go back to something you said a minute ago because I think it's really germane to our audience and topic about branding and brandade you know, this idea that the only thing you can do is be authentic and be yourself and teach what you teach. How does that translate to your personal brand?

Joel Bauer 9:12
Well, I teach three things. I call it TAP which is my thing, truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth, tell the truth through every move. So, if I'm teaching my money matrix, which is my 20 moves that Russell Brunson says 30% of the world's top internet marketers are using. Most of them stole it from me but didn't even know they were stealing from me. Because as you know, information is passed about and it's very hard to protect yourself. Unless you have someone like yourself who's done it right from move one, and even then, it's hard to sue everyone. It is hard. What’s very important is that they tell the truth. This way. They don't have to memorize anything. To The truth is just your history.

Cheryl Hodgson:

Yes, you don't have to remember your lies, who you're told what to that's always been my belief.

Joel Bauer 9:12

And the second is authenticity, which means you don't compromise your integrity, or your moral fabric, that you state your beliefs. I wouldn't talk about religion unless you're selling religion. I wouldn't talk about politics unless you want to lose a half or two thirds of your audience. I'm talking about standpoint. Talk about your expertise, what it is you're offering that audience. Be authentic to yourself in relating real stories that actually help them and the support through truth.

See, the word story is a lie. I don't like people to teach storytelling for one reason. Storytelling is a lie. It's a series of words put together to tell a story. I don't use the word story. I use the word history. You reveal your history, what actually took place. That doesn't mean it's protracted doesn't mean it takes a long time. It's very concise.

Cheryl Hodgson: 10:50

Why, why is history important? Is it a relatability factor for the audience to be able to relate to you.

Joel Bauer 10:58

As one of the graduate students of many master classes. You just stated the answer within the question which you did brilliantly. Of course, they can relate to you, but they need to be able to relate to you because in the Matrix, one of the key moves is self-effacing. If you don't tear yourself down, and this was a lot of people relate this to Australia. The Tall Poppy Syndrome, that if you don't tear yourself down, the audience will. So you need to relate something to them. And that's my background. When I mentioned I was born a spinal meningitis and my mother was told I had a week to live and Valium and sister said I was retarded. Well, you cut me off at that point, you didn't know you were cutting now. Her sister picked me up. She picked me up brother and she moved me away from her sister and family, never to return. My mother moved me to upstate New York.

I have no problem in life cutting ties with people that are not of a positive mindset, or positive behavior. I have the ability to instantly divide those relationships and never returned to them again, because it was taught to me very early on. I also found out that my mother was an objectivist, which for those into Ian Rand, know that we don't suffer from guilt. There is no guilt. There's no concept of it. That we do what we feel is correct, period. That there's a moral obligation to have a standard. When I teach truth, authenticity and proof, tell the truth, be authentic to yourself and Show the proof. My entire process has a group of people coming from all parts of the world, flying into train with me, but not even through marketing, through word of mouth because really, our events have been sold out for 18-19 years consecutive. and I've been doing events for over 34 years. Where we didn't even do and a lot of advertising. The results speak for themselves and you know, like Peng Joon who flew in because he heard that I was a last resort. He was ready to quit. His father wanted him to go into farming. He flew in, and then he got really upset about two hours into my event. And he came up to me at the first break, because I have 15-minute break every two hours. That's all just 15 minutes, not 16, not 14,15.

He said to me, Joel. It's too simple. I've learned allegory and metaphor and all these techniques for manipulating language.”. I said, “So how have your sales been?” He says, “Terrible I couldn't sell one thing. I trained with Dr. Victor I trained with Tony Robbins, I train with all these big names, who came to Asia, spent a fortune. I'm flying here to Los Angeles at tremendous expense. It's my last thing. My father, I made a promise to him that if this didn't work, I was going to quit and become a farmer--live the life that he wanted me to live versus a life by my own design.”

And I said, “Well, why don't I wire you back your money right now. I'll even include your travel expenses back to Malaysia. Why don't you take off?” He goes, "What are you talking about?" I said, “Well, you just said to me that it's too simple. Well, what that implies to me Pen Joon is you're not able to take my direction. And if you're not able to take my direction, I don't want to be in a marriage that you don't want to be in. The money's not that important to me. The money is just energy to move forward. I already have money, so take your money back and go home.”

“Well then. Are you able to empty your cup of what it is you already know, the experiences you've already had? Can you be open to my process, which is obviously very simple.”

“But Joel, you're telling me to tell my story and just talk about my family and plug in my life’s history?”

“Yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you.” So he left the event he stayed obviously, I didn't make him stay. I was ready to wire back as money.

No one's ever left my masterclass my life ever, ever. The 18 consecutive years 36 events, no one We have a first-day refund policy, which is pretty unusual. No questions asked, your money's refunded if you don't want to be there. And then you've been there yourself. Have you seen me make the offer? Over and over and over and no one has ever left.

Cheryl Hodgson: 15:15

No one's ever left. I've even come back twice. Yeah, and the second time I started to get it. And speaking of which, I would like to have you--I know I'm interrupting you. I want to keep you on the path because I'd like you to share with the audience, a little bit more about the process. How does the process work and exactly what do people learn that makes it so successful?

Joel Bauer 15:43

Are you implying that you don't think the story I'm telling right now, which is not a story but actual history from a man now making $17 million a year? Just let me close it because there are layers and layers and layers in telling the truth about the history of scenario. I'm embracing about five of the questions you've already asked all in one relatable, translatable, closing scenario story that not only ties it to my events and ties it to price point. So, he listened to me. And he went home. And he saw the woman who runs his company, Xu Yang. And she had her eyes shut.

Because he had plugged in his family and did all these things just didn't understand how that was going to work. And Success Resources gave him a second chance because he had failed miserably. And the reason he got the chance was Alex Mandossian, one of my students begged” them to do that. He said, he just trained with Joel Bauer and Joel Bauer is my mentor.” So, they put them on the stage again, Cheryl. And he had what we call the avalanche. He had people running to the tables at $4000 dollars a pop, USD. And Shu Yiing couldn't believe it. And they thought it was maybe a fluke, maybe it was luck. And then he did it again. He went from being zero to hero. He became the number one highest grossing closer in their history, on the front end and the backend, through my language of my training, telling his story using the 20 moves and the psychology behind it.

I think people would be fascinated, what is that 20-thing and why does it work and how does the psychology and why did Russell Brunson indicate that 30% of all the success online is the result of Joel’s structure. And Joel was doing this and teaching this before there was an internet 1994 when the door swung open. There's nothing new to me. This is the same process. I teach the same stuff I was teaching before there was an internet. It works perfectly on the internet and also works perfectly on live stages and one-on-one and one-on-fifty. It works for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs and it works for people in transition.

So take me where you want to go. But I am addressing your question. And also, I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to tell you that the best way for anyone to relate what it is they do, building brand or protecting IP or teacher training speakers and closers is to relate it to a story. Here's this young man who 12 years ago, had pretty much nothing. He was selling some stuff online successfully, but he couldn't close with a damn not even one unit. Now he's doing $17 million a year, both online and offline. He's unstoppable. He'll be a billionaire. I believe by the time he's 50 years old. If you're doing $17 million a year right now, and it's on autopilot, and he's just scaling. It's not hard to go from $17 million a year, A billion is just 1000 million.

Cheryl Hodgson: 18:57

I guess that answers the question. Does it work?

Joel Bauer 19:02

Well, let me answer that question. I haven't had a failure yet. I have trained over 2900 of the world's top influencers, motivational speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, Mommypreneurs, Daddypreneurs, people with an idea, dream, people that wanted to be behind the scenes and have someone else do it for them. My process works for that as well. Doesn't matter if you can present, you're not worth a damn. If you can't close, you'll never make any money. You might go along to get along and work for someone else's benefit and trade your time for money. That's great. But it's not going to give you a lot of independence. Certainly, those aren't legacy moves where you leave a dynasty for those you care about.

So the art of presenting the art of closing the art of teaching something in a manner where you become that teacher in their life, the one that they talk about.

Because, I remember Mr. Ceramic and Mr. Mom and Mrs. Honey Chuck Three teachers that I remember, I had three, some people have none. And they were amazing. But I got C's and D's and F's. I didn't do well in school at all, they all tried to help me though. And they all realize that I really was doing the best I could. I just was not. I wasn't focused because I had I already knew what I wanted to do with my life. That's the problem with identifying your purpose. Once you have your purpose, you're unstoppable. But you're also focused. And nothing else is really of interest other than that, and helping others to develop that focus as well. And that was the problem.

I remember Cherie and I went back to him to New York where I was raised. This is a years ago, 10 or12 years ago, and I contacted all three of these teachers, Miss Shrameck, Algebra, Mr. Maun, English, Mrs. Honeychuck whose elementary school General. All three of them came to dinner. And we were crying for like 30 minutes--like no one can talk. It was ridiculous.

They were so appreciative. That someone they really were worried about what they thought might fail had not only become wealthy, self-made, but was able to teach and help others. And to kind of show that you know, if people are if they find their path, they become unstoppable.

That’s what Peng Joon was talking to me about. “Joel, you don't teach speakers you don't train closers. That's what they think you do. You really allow them to find their voice and find their strength and accept themselves. And that's where the power is. Then they're positioned as an authority.”

Cheryl Hodgson: 21:39

I think that get helping someone find their voice is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. I would like to thank you for helping me with that already. There's a long way many things else other things I want to do. But that aspect of finding my voice was something that was not there for me for a long time. And I don't know what it is about your process. Maybe you could elaborate on that. But that was one of the first things that came through for me. Suddenly, I felt like I was not no longer afraid to be seen and heard

Joel Bauer 22:13

But the term that comes to mind is You know, I don't know if that exists. There's so many things I should have grabbed that I didn't grab. But you're good enough. And that's really the underlying message. My mother used to say, “Joel, you know, you put on all these airs and characters personalities and you know,” and I did, I was a trade show performer and a hypnotist and all these different skill set, which by the way all makes sense. Everything I've ever done, no matter how painful it may have been, or frustrating, it all makes sense. Now, everything we go through makes sense. And I allow people to see that. I have a process called the 10 Pick, and it starts with your birth and then to where you are. 10 Outstanding moments in your life and then you're able to tell the story about how you evolved then it turns into something I don't want to expose it here because it's really powerful. And it's not that I don't want to expose it because it's really powerful. I don't want expose it where I don't have enough time to go into the extraordinary detail the to the detail. Yeah, yeah, but it changes lives. And suddenly that one yet, so I have to tell you, you're in my mentorship membership, online mentoring for millions process and that's like module seven.

Unknown Speaker 23:33

I know I do. That's my next thing after launching the podcast. I do want to ask you, though, what is it? If you share with the audience, what the actual process you refer to the matrix and you teach a 20-move matrix? Is that the foundation of your process?

Joel Bauer 23:52

Yeah, by the way, I want people to know here that on this podcast if they were to reach out to you, and I don't know if you have a setup for that. Very often, we charge for the tickets. People used to spend 15,000-30,000 to learn it. I'm offering to all of your people here. Right now. If you decide just to give them the website, we're doing an actual 20 move challenge coming up. I just want them to know that if they can get themselves to a two-day event of mine, or a one-day event in Asia, called DESIGN YOUR DESTINY, or MENTORING FOR MILLIONS, this is an event that I mean, we sometimes we charge for it, sometimes we don't. If there are scholarships available. I like to award them; I don't need the money. If they come to this event, I teach the entire process on day one, and then if I'm doing a two-day version of it, I coach them on day two to make sure that it actually works for them and they can relate to it and their answers. So, I want people to know if you reach out to Cheryl.

Cheryl Hodgson: 24:54

In fact, what we'll do is have a URL and information in the show notes. And also, if you have any sort of URL you'd like to announce before the release of the podcast, that you can send people to or you can mention that now.

Joel Bauer 25:08

It’s just my name, And if they go there, they're going to find an interview right at the top of the page with Peng Joon currently. Actually, there is a new website going up. And that particular interview reveals the 10 moves that I taught him, that made him over $10 million a year. And these are moves anyone can model. And then they'll also receive information there as to how to go to events. Many times, my wife and I don't even charge for the one or two-day events. And these are hardcore. These are things that other people would spend 10, 12, or $15,000 to learn if they could even find someone teaching. I don't know how they're going to teach my stuff because I'm the source of what I teach. It's not something I took from someone else. It was just the hell I went through to figure out how to satisfy an audience and give them what they need in the sequence in the order they need to hear it see it and feel it in so they could process and assimilate it. It's a way of making an offer where they understand that it doesn't make sense for them to spend 10, 15,30 years to learn something they could learn in a matter of days, weeks or a month through a proven process with a guarantee that pays them if they fail. And I just went quickly through that just now, but that's really what it's about. It's about overcoming all their objections, introducing in a way that satisfies all the objections they have. And when they have no objections, they can't find a reason not to invest. Because if they invest in my processes, and they don't succeed, I actually pay them if they fail. That's my online membership. I paid $1,000 full refund, and I give them a full year. Why do I do that? Because they don't fail. When you give someone a month, it's not enough time and you give them three months, then after a year, years enough time. I found the a year is enough time for someone to implement. When you're willing to pay someone if they fail, your sales go through the roof, and someone who doesn't believe in what they do. They won't be willing to pay somebody if they fail, they have no business offering a product or service. And my reputation is, well, pretty fantastic. That's another thing I'm very proud of. You search under a lot of names online, you're going to find scam, con. I mean, if you search deep enough, you'll find that with almost anyone I mean, you know, I think most presidents are doing the best job they can. And if you search under their names, there's not a president in our history that hasn't had horrible information attached to them. It's like people look for the worst not the best. I look for the best in someone. When someone comes to my event, I don't tear him down. I celebrate him. And I have a really gentle process for that. Processes. And they find themselves even when they don't want to speak because they don't have to speak. They come to be a producer, a director. They come to find out they're a visionary at the event. They come to know that they have all these products and all these systems inside them that they can deploy both online and offline. They learn to price themselves and monetize in a significant way that increases the perceived value, the way they're received, the way they're conceived. The way that they've perceived changes the way they see themselves and their family sees them. Their language changes. They actually, you know, you've heard people say, you can't change, it's a lie. People do change entirely. I’ve had many of my students completely reinvent themselves. And so my mom all those years, she said that you know, I was good enough. I didn't know what she was talking about.

And this is something I still fight with to this day. We are good enough. Cheryl is good enough now. And she was good enough 20 years ago, to bring this to a very large audience. And so, it's just a matter of when, you know, when are you willing to get out of your way? You hear that term used a lot, but I mean, that's the truth. People are in their way.

Cheryl Hodgson: 28:55
And I think from my background and training, you know, the stories we tell ourselves, you know, you talk about the word “story.” We do make things up about ourselves. We make up stories in our head that become a reality that are nothing more than a story we've been telling ourselves for a long time.

Joel Bauer 29:15

That's the, that's the birth of sociopathic behavior. You tell a lie enough times where it becomes your reality. And then you don't know the difference. And when you know, the man in the mirror, that's sad. When you actually begin to believe your lies, you are in trouble. You need to alter that pathology. If someone is doing that, they need therapy before they need me.

Cheryl Hodgson: 29:41

But there's a little bit slightly different way I've heard it said. Dr. Ron Hulnick with whom I studied with for two years. He amusingly says, “Most of what we tell ourselves are stories, in our head. If you’re going to make up a story, it’s just as easy as to make up a good one and tell yourself that one as it is to make up a bad one.” So, I'm relating that to I am good enough . . .

Joel Bauer 30:10

I can take anyone. And no matter how miserable their past is in their mind, I can show them how to make that the most powerful. I'll just use an example and he allows me to do it. You know, Isaac Michalov. I think you've met him one of my students, a self-made multi, multi-millionaire in the real estate industry. And his father, who was a very wealthy man who manufactured jeans. His father was horrified. The mother worked daily for 30 years, killed herself, and build the business and she was directly responsible for much of his father's success. And he decided to just get rid of her at some point, divorce or he wouldn't give her $2 The man had over $100 million dollars in cash. I'm not kidding you cash and you. He completely ignored his son, his son hasn't talked to him or seen him, and 20 some odd years, he completely ignored his daughter. And Isaac had this like hatred for him. And I was able to restructure this and show him the benefit of what he learned from this man. And now uses it a form of empowerment. And so that story that was so horrible that he was trying to put behind him, that story now empowers him. That's part of how he presents himself to the audience, that he survived that and that made him the man he is. He takes care of his mother.

Cheryl Hodgson: 31:36

That’s part of finding his voice, isn’t it?

Joel Bauer: 31:39

Yes, as a matter of fact, the more hell you've been through, the more powerful your story, in many cases. I had another woman walk up to me in Australia, and she's now one of the top female marketers in Australia. And she said, “I have a problem. Joan, you talk about self-effacing in, you know, fourth, fifth or sixth position the matrix. She says I don't have a story. My family was fantastic. I was born with money. I have so much money, I can't spend it. I'm a trust fund baby. I'm generational wealth. I can't.” And she was in tears talking about this. She says, “I'm enabled. It's terrible. I don't have to do anything. And as a result, it shuts me.” And I said, that's your story. She says, what do you mean? Is that your story? I said, “You're upsetting me right now. That's like really depressing. That having too much can completely disable someone. And so what you've chosen to do now is to pass forward and make a difference on this planet, for those that don't have. And so you've dedicated your whole life to teaching them.”

That completely shifted her. And it was at that event she that was it. That was her stumbling block. She felt like she wasn't good enough because she never had to do a damn thing. She wanted a car, she had a Rolls Royce. She wanted a house, it was on the water. I mean, they just gave her. You give your children enough to do something but not enough to do nothing that's not my line said original. It's not my concept. But it's so true. It's so true. And so you know, you and I are able to take these people and whether it's building their brand or protecting their IP or finding their voice and allowing them to monetize that voice online offline with all the tools and all the systems in place, and to save them the 20 to 40-year learning curve. That is such a gift. You know, Mia Rodrick you met, you met me rhetoric. last event. Before she spent a penny with me. she'd already made $472,000 just going to my free event and applying, and she couldn't stand me. And you'll verify that she couldn't stand me. She didn't like me. She had some image of me, but because her close friend and her mentor Terry Levine, who made over $3 million a year through me, urged her to go to my events. It doesn't matter if you like him. He's not there to be liked. He's there to make you more effective. Doesn't matter. If you hate Joel. All that matters is that you're more effective as a result of his processes. He doesn't care if you like, what the hell do I care if someone likes me for? What does that have to do with anything? I'm here. I'm nothing more than a teacher that teaches what it is I've done so other people can create the same legacy and dynasty for their children.

I mean, my kids like me. They love me and my wife loves me and understands me to great extent, even though we continue to evolve. What do you need, everyone to love you? Again, Ian Rand objectivism. I don't need other people's approval. I need to be effective and tell the truth. And make sure that if other people apply what it is I've done, it actually works. And that's it. That's it. You need to make sure that what you teach and what you preach, walk your walk, talk and talk. You need to make sure it works. And that's all you need to do.

Cheryl Hodgson: 34:56

Which all what differentiates you from most other trainers?

Joel Bauer 35:02

Bottom line, and I don't know how much time we have here because I think we've already gone a half an hour.

Cheryl Hodgson 35:07

We're wrapping it up soon. It’s so much fun to have you here and to be able to listen.

Joel Bauer 35:15

But I want to apologize to you right now because I have a feeling that you know, I'm talking too much here. I don't do a lot of podcasts.

Cheryl Hodgson: 35:19

Not at all, you're not talking too much at all. You are sharing what matters.

Joel Bauer 35:22

What I mean is that I'm really not sitting here filtered. I'm really not sitting here saying I'm going to be careful with this. This is Joel and the process works. And I always say to people, when they walk up to me and they'll walk up to me in another country and they'll say well how do we know you're not this guy or this guy because you know, you seem really slick. You seem as though you speak and copy and I go My problem is I've been doing this on stage on television, on online. I've been doing this for so long, that I don't have the hums, and the awes, and the I actually sound like I'm scripted when I'm not scripted. And I work in consulting, I'm consulting people two-three consultations, one to three hours, four days a week. I mean for all these years, that when you're used to working on other people all the time and helps you work on yourself. The reason I do what I do, if not for the money than why because it helps me. It helps me further clarify. It keeps my insecurities in balance. It lets me know that I'm no better than my last consultation or my last presentation. Keeps it real. And I continue to evolve. And that's what I want people to know that we need to continue to evolve. If you decide to embrace helping others, you're going to continue to grow and you're going to continue to know more about yourself, and why you do what it is you do and how you process and assimilate the world around you.

We were going to go to Vegas to meet Peng Joon. They just flew in from Singapore. Now that can't see this because we're on a podcast but I want to celebrate.
This is your favorite thing.

Cheryl Hodgson 37:10

This was my special request. That Joel end our podcast time together with-- wait a minute, that was too quick.

Joel Bauer 37:18

You want more of that?

Cheryl Hodgson 37:22

This is the magic wand, the bubble machine.

Joel Bauer 37:24

These things are going to be flying around here for quite a while.

Joel Bauer 37:29
By the way, it's adorable. This thing just sits there and it's always ready. Yeah, I've got bubbles and I'm going to I'm in my black you've been in here you're one of the few people in the world that has ever. Would you please tell them that I live in nothing less than a Batcave? It is a man cave that is all black. Everything the tile, everything's Gator. Everything like wallpaper wall treatments, door treatments, the edging on monitors one-way mirrors with you know, other monitors.

Cheryl Hodgson: 38:01
Well I can attest to the fact that your wife never needs to wonder where you are. When you're at home. You're in the Batcave either coaching, recording, mentoring or speaking with students.

Joel Bauer 38:16

I never admitted this before, but I found out somebody my father came into my life at age 43. And we hired him. He had left when I was about a year and he died my arms to he died about a year and that's what it's done. It's not a sore spot for me because I you know; at best we became friends. He was really never a father to me. I was more of a father to him. We took care of him. We took him in we made sure that he was very well supported taking care of. The reason I bring him up, I lost my train of thought. I don't know why I brought him up specifically. That’s okay. By the way, People need to realize something. That as a professional communicator, if I lose my train of thought I don't beat myself up. You just keep moving forward.

Cheryl Hodgson: 39:10

This is a conversation, you know, it makes the podcast interesting and great. It's a conversation. It's not a performance. It's not a training

Joel Bauer: 39:20

At age 59, people need to realize whatever your age, you're going to lose your train of thought. There's going to be imperfect moments. And it's okay. How you handle those moments--that's when you're judged. You are judged not when things are going well, but when they're not going well. Whether the blue screen of death emerges behind me during a presentation or a TED talk or whatever, and the computer caput, which has happened countless times. Whether someone throws a shot glass at my head from an audience, someone is drunk that happened to me in nightclubs because I come from a performance background. You just learned that it's how you handle it.

You know, I just did. I was on an event tour in Asia for Singapore. Malaysia for 13 days, I just 11 events in 13 days. I think that would kill most people. I mean, literally, like onstage at 530 in the morning, groups of people in my room at shadow experiences, Protege groups on stage. running for the events and then on airplanes transitioning between the two countries because Malaysia and Singapore used to be one now, they're separate. And you know, I came back and my wife said “That's not right. They overtaxed you.” I said to Cheryl, “They didn't overtax me. I agreed to do those events.” She says, “but you weren't even being paid for those events.” “No, Cheryl. I was supporting my graduates.”

And a lot of people invested in future programs but doesn't matter. I gave my all. She says “But you're exhausted now. You're adrenally depleted.” I go, “I'm fine.” I came back very relaxed. I left with one suitcase in my hand for about two weeks and came back with one suitcase in my hand hair done. totally relaxed. My son picked me up at the airport. And he said, “God, you seem so relaxed.” I said, Yeah, “I knew that if I didn't relax, there's no way I can handle the tour.” And the more relaxed I was Cheryl, the more my numbers increased. The more relaxed I was, the more people who opted in, the more relaxed I was, the more confidence I instill in my graduates. Let me just give them the big secret here.


You want to be perceived as an authority; You need to calm down. Pushing out energy doesn't in any way motivate the audience. Having people jump up and down and scratch each other's back and loud music. They don't even know what event that events over two days later, it's over. I don't do that at my events. In my events, you know exactly where you are, and you know what you're learning. And you know, you can leave it anytime you're not an elephant connected to a popsicle stick with a string, the illusion that you're somehow grounded there.

I am the same man. I can say this now and probably for the first time, I'm the same man on this podcast, as I am on stage. Nothing changes. just structure, I have structure and then I can deviate from the structure. That's the beauty of having the 20-move matrix. Once you have that at the core, that becomes your half-day, full-day, your one hour. That's the core of how you present yourself to the world. And so if you want to do a TED talk, then you just eliminate the close. If you want to do a keynote, eliminate the close. You just don't ask for money. If you want to make money then ask for money. If you want to get paid as a speaker working for bureaus then you don't. It's really, I struck the holy grail there. And I figured it out step by step. Everything you deliver needs to have such importance. When you believe they believe, but you must truly believe. You are not faking them out. The porch isn't larger than the house here, you know. This is for real. We must believe in what we're presenting. And that's what positions you as an authority, and that authority positioning is the key. It doesn't matter how great your funnel is your website or pretty graphics or any of that crap, if when they actually connect with you, you are not an authority, you fail, and they disconnect and they don't invest. They don't follow you.

Cheryl Hodgson: 43:25

Well, on that note, Joel, I'd like to say thank you. I've got my lesson for the day. And I think that what you've shared with the audience is very profound, particularly about the last part. All of it actually. I want to thank you so much. And before we sign off, I have one final question for you, which I like to ask folks.

What is there one thing and you could probably have two is on your bucket list, either personally or professionally, that you would love to make certain that you have accomplished that you have not yet accomplished in your life?

Joel Bauer 44:03

My relationship with my second daughter, Brianna, and my son Sterling. Obviously my third born, the youngest. I would like to have my relationship with my firstborn. To have that level of intimacy was very impatient and very short-tempered. At that time, when we had our first kid and I wasn't ready for it. I never had a father so I didn't know what the hell I was doing. And my daughter the other day said, “Dad, you don't realize how you reinvented yourself, you're not the same father. You've changed so much, you're so much more relaxed to be around and enjoyable.” I'm very, very close to Brianna. I would like to be much closer with Channel. And by the way, my relationships great. The wedding was fantastic and she's happier than I've ever seen her and she's with the love of her life. So from someone else looking in from the outside, which is totally unimportant. They would say I don't get it.

Cheryl Hodgson: 44:59
They don't have to get it.

Joel Bauer 45:01
That's the only thing on my bucket list. There's nowhere I want to travel. There's nothing I don't already own that I want or can't afford to buy or haven't already bought. I think you know me Cheryl to some degree. You know I put on a shirt here because we're also videotaping this as a backup. But and I had another consult earlier but you know. There's nothing I want that I don't have.

I am with my wife for life as perfect and as imperfect that relationship is from time to time. I adore Cherie. I can't imagine a more magnificent son with a greater heart connection and understanding of other people. I can't imagine anyone more intuitive than Briana at solving interpersonal relationships, dynamic problems that are real challenges. And I can't imagine anyone brighter than Channel. And with attention to detail, she works on the television show The Prophet. She's a story editor and that is a very hard job. They have to take 50 hours of garbage and make sense out of it and tell a story that's compelling and interactive and engaging. I cannot imagine three more beautiful children. And so, I don't have two things on the bucket list. That's about it.

Cheryl Hodgson: 46:16

That’s a good one. And I just like to thank you again and say that I can attest to the fact that I feel so privileged that I have gotten to meet all of your children and your wife, and they are all a testament to you. And there's something you're doing right Joel. I'm very, very grateful and want to thank you not only for being on the show, but for the wisdom you have shared with me and with your other students. And I'd like very much to encourage the audience, if they would like to connect with you to make sure they go to . Joel, is there any other gift or site you'd like to direct people to other than that?

Joel Bauer 47:00

I'm going to give you a link. And I shouldn't, because it's really not cool, but I'm going to do it. If they literally go to you, Cheryl, I'm assuming they have a way of doing that. Or you have a place where you can put stuff,

Cheryl Hodgson: 47:13

We'll have it in the show notes, there will be a place where we can so I'm just going to give you the link so they can download my book. And by the way. I'm not capturing them as a lead. I'm not doing any of the things that I teach or what I should do. If they if they want to read a book that It teaches the art of the transformation mechanism, teaches the language that really allows them to get someone else to listen to them, where they're really being heard. And then they'll invest in their process and their products and their services, and their support or combination thereof.

How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded is a book I'm very proud of not making any money on it, so there's no and again, not a funnel, they can download the entire PDF, which is probably not cool. But it's okay. So, I'll make sure you have that link. And I just want them to know that I want them to come away from your podcast, where they didn't have to go to my website, where they didn't have to opt in. Remember, everyone's got a marketing secondary agenda. Offering them that book means I don't have an agenda. The book is a gift, and it comes through you.

If they decide to go to, they're going to find so much value and for free.

Cheryl Hodgson 48:40

Awesome. Well, thank you again. And I hope that somewhere along the way in the future, when you've evolved into the next evolution of our brand, you might be willing to come back and be a guest again, and we'll see what you're up to them.

Joel Bauer

I love you Cheryl.

Cheryl Hodgson

And we love you Joel, thank you so much.

Thanks for listening to the Brandaide Podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe rate and recommend us on iTunes, overcast or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also go to to listen and learn more. For more information and important links about today's episode, check out today's show notes.

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