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Trademark Licensing Creates Brand Extension for HEAL YOUR LIFE®

Brand extension through trademark licensing has propelled Louise Hay’s HEAL YOUR LIFE workshops into a global brand. HEAL YOUR LIFE is a legacy of Hay House founder Louise Hay that lives on. Meet Dr. Patricia Crane, Ph.D. who has created brand extension over the 30 years of devotion to nurturing HEAL YOUR LIFE  teachers and workshop leaders around the world.

HEAL YOUR LIFE Louise Hay Brand Extension trademark licensing

In This Episode, Cheryl and Patricia Discuss:

  • How building trademark licensing into foreign markets created a legacy for Hay House founder Louise Hay through Brand Extension.
  • Creating you can HEAL YOUR LIFE trademark for global workshop leaders.
  • You Can Heal Your Life brand legacy and global reach through trademark licensing.
  • Licensing is a means of establishing greater professionalism and credibility in leader training.

Key Takeaways:

  • People have evolved to a higher level of personal and spiritual awareness.
  • Brand extension through licensing helps people transcend cultural differences.
  • Ask your customers the right questions and they will tell you what they want from you.
  • Our human self will always need that spiritual, emotional, mental, physical transformation.

When it comes to social media, ask yourself “How do I prioritize my time, so that I’m really sharing valuable information with people and not getting so caught up in going through a whole lot of stuff that may not be helpful?”Patricia Crane

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Today on the Brandaide Podcast:

Patricia Crane [0:01]

She said, "I listened to what people asked me for, and I responded."

Intro [0:12]

Welcome to Brandaide where we answer the question, what does it take to launch your own brand (R)evolution, create Evolution, and who are the people that help you foster Connection, Community, Contribution, and Currency for a Brand built to last? You will also meet brands changing the world and the lives of those they serve. Here's your host, Cheryl Hodgson.

Cheryl Hodgson [0:34]

Hi, everyone. I'm Cheryl Hodgson. Welcome to the Brandaide podcast. today. I welcome Dr. Patricia Crane, the owner of Heart Inspired Presentations and leader of the Heal Your Life teacher program worldwide. Dr. Crane, welcome to the Brandaide podcast.

Patricia Crane [0:53]

Well, thank you so much. It's delightful to be here with you today.

Cheryl Hodgson [0:57]

Well, I'd like to share with our audience a little bit about you. We've known each other for quite some time. But Dr. Crane is a PhD and she's an author, speaker and trainer. Her mission is to empower people worldwide with their inner resources and outer skills they need to achieve their dreams. Her own search for meaning started during a very stressful time in her life. She began practicing a simple meditation technique just to reduce dress and instead discovered a spiritual path connection and a career that has lasted a lifetime and spanned the globe as you'll learn more about. In the process of pursuing her own spiritual development through reading numerous books and workshops, she met and learned from Louise Hay, the owner and founder of Hay House. And Dr. Crane attended one of Louise's first workshops, which we'll chat more about. And she studied with Louise for a number of years and now she not only runs the Heal Your Life program, she and her partner Rick Nichols have expanded it into a global program that has extended the brand and built a legacy for Louise's name. So welcome, Dr. Crane. So that's quite a mouthful of accomplishments. So, tell me, in those early days when you started out with Louise, what was the program about? The Heal Your Life program?

Patricia Crane [2:40]

Well, in the early days, first of all, I met Louise at a breakfast meeting that I almost didn't go to because it was at 6:30 in the morning.

Cheryl Hodgson [2:48]

That would be enough to do it for me.

Patricia Crane [2:50]

I know, I'm not really a morning person, but my friend told me, "Oh, Louise Hay is speaking", and I already had her book You Can Heal Your Life. So I went, got on the mailing list and Louise was already teaching a two-day workshop. "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life", that we now train people to lead. But she had not done it intensive. And six months later, she was doing a one week intensive. And so I went to that, I just knew I had to be there. There were 100 people from all over the world and this is before the internet was so popular. People actually had to write to Hay House.

Cheryl Hodgson [3:25]

Yeah, this was because her book came out, what in 1987, something like that?

Patricia Crane [3:30]

'84. But it didn't become a best seller until 1989 when she was on The Oprah Winfrey Show. So I also went to the second intensive that she had. And then she asked me to be on staff for the next several that she did. And it was a combination of the two-day workshop and a lot of other exercises that Louise put together for the inner work, you know, the personal work, and it was a very exciting time. There were people again from all over the world. The next one I think had 150 people, which is not very many compared to today's standards, I guess, but then considering that you didn't have the internet and email to send it out, that was a lot of people

Cheryl Hodgson [4:12]

that's a lot of people. For those people who may not recall Louise at that time in her life, because that is a number of years ago, when Louise wrote the book, You Can Heal Your Life, that was kind of a revolutionary thing, wasn't it?

Patricia Crane [4:30]

Yes, it was, it was really the beginning of the whole self help movement. And back then if you asked for her book in a bookstore, it was kind of back in the corner.

Cheryl Hodgson [4:43]

Wasn't it called New Age?

Patricia Crane [4:45]

New Age Thought. People thought it was a little bit odd and kind of laughed at you if you talked about it. But I, like many other people, I read the book and just was in love with the book and the message that she had and how wonderful it was. So it was also fantastic to meet her. And out of the intensives I was talking about actually, and leading the two-day workshop after she got so busy with The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the book was on the bestseller list. She asked me and a couple of others who'd been working with her, "would you go teach the two-day workshop?" Well, what do you think?

Cheryl Hodgson [5:21]

Uh, let me think about that!

Patricia Crane [5:25]

And that led to actually people asking for the training program, which Louise had really never thought about an official training program. So I was in the UK at the time. And when I got back I called Louise and I said, "Louise, people want a training program." And she said, "okay, you put it together, and I will approve it." So that happened in 1994. And the first one actually started in '95.

Cheryl Hodgson [5:53]

Wow, so you've been doing this, what? Almost 20 years.

Patricia Crane [5:57]

25 years.

Cheryl Hodgson [6:00]

25 years! Congratulations It's been quite a journey.

Patricia Crane [6:02]

The business world changed so much, Cheryl. And it became very important to have more of an official connection. And you were the person that got in touch with us and said, "Hey, Hay House is going to be trademarking You Can Heal Your Life and Heal Your Life, and we know you're teaching, so how would you like to have a licensing program?” And what do you think we said? We said that sounds like a great idea. So that's how the actual trademark and the branding with Heal Your Life came about. And that was actually I think in 2009, officially that that started.

Cheryl Hodgson [6:40]

It's hard to believe it's been that long. Time flies. But I appreciate you bringing that up because obviously the name of my podcast is Brandaide. And I talk a bit about my favorite little tagline at the moment is Revolution to Evolution, because I thought about it a lot. And that is to me, people who create brands that are successful, they're usually creating some sort of revolution in their own business field or within a group, and they're evolving something. They're evolving to a different level of consciousness or a different level of higher quality product, whatever it might be. And I think that's really true to see the journey particularly in the case of the Heal Your Life teacher program, of just what we talked about a moment ago. It was New Age, it was left of center. And now the idea of positive affirmations is something that's ubiquitous in our society. It's everywhere.

Patricia Crane [7:40]

Absolutely. It's been wonderful to see the evolution of things. And also just to see the maturity of the people that come to the Heal Your Life workshop leader training, because when I first started it, and then met my husband not too long after that, who became my husband, Rick, and we started working together. But initially, there were people who were pretty new to transformational work, personal work, and even spiritual work and as time went on, we've seen an amazing change. So that the people who come to the workshop leader training now to prepare to lead workshops and Louise's philosophy, there's so much more evolved in terms of their spiritual work and also the emotional depth that they've been able to get to with the studies that they've done. Louise's work being a predominant one, but it's really been amazing to see that progress. And I think you're right, it sort of mirrors what's happening out in the larger society where more and more people are becoming aware of this and knowing that these are great ideas.

Cheryl Hodgson [8:42]

And it's kind of like Louise helped pave the way and certainly the work you and Rick have done over the years to develop this program and expand it. Perhaps you could share a little bit. How did the licensing come about in the sense that how did the licensing impact the program? The fact that you set up a licensing program for the teachers.

Patricia Crane [9:07]

So we worked with you, with the trademarks to be in not only the US, but of course, Canada and worldwide. And then the licensing program is our official connection with Hay House, and then we sublicense the people that come to the training. And what it's really done is create a whole other level of professionalism. You know, a lot of people have certificates that they get from programs, and some of them are just that you've attended. And ours is always about training. But the licensing is really another level of professionalism that says, "okay, we are doing something greater than just the certificate." And especially with the trademark itself, with that being worldwide, the people that can use that trademark are Heal Your Life workshop leaders and coaches and trainers. And so every once in a while we find out somebody is using that. We're very nice about it. And you've helped us with this as well. And we just let them know, "this is a registered trademark. If you'd like to come to the training, that's great. But otherwise, you'll need to change whatever the title is" of something that they're doing.

Cheryl Hodgson [10:12]

Well, that's what that's what I always try to explain to clients, when they come to me, like "why do I need a trademark?" which is really it's supposed to be an indication of source of goods or services, so that whether you like a McDonald's hamburger or don't like a McDonald's hamburger, you're going to get the same thing whenever you go to a McDonald's. And in putting it at a higher level and applying it to services. That's what a certification program says, That these teachers and the workshop leaders who are leading your workshops have been trained by Rick and you.

Patricia Crane [10:50]

Rick and I, or we now have 21 other trainers worldwide. And quite a few of them are in other languages. So, of course, we have people speaking English who are training in Ireland, Australia, Canada, US, South Africa, India, but then we have several Spanish speaking trainers, two in Portuguese, one in France, one in Serbian, and one in Arabic, even. And French as well. So there's a number of other languages because Louise's book was translated into 30 languages, and it's sold over 50 million copies worldwide. Also shows you just how much her concepts can apply to any culture, which is really wonderful.

Cheryl Hodgson [11:38]

Well, it's been a unifying program in that regard, so where the cultural background means nothing once you get together and share that. Maybe you could explain just a little bit, and back up for a second, which is, there's two levels to the program, right? There's people who attend workshops, and then there's workshop leaders, and then also people who train workshop leaders.

Patricia Crane [12:03]

There are several basic programs, so the workshop leader training is first because that's actually where it started with the two-day Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop. And then right around 2007 or so the coaching business became really a professional one. And people started asking us for training as coaches and that's what I had done actually, when I met Louise, it just wasn't called that then. So the next level people can attend is to be Heal Your Life coaches and do the individual work. We also now have a business program, Managing with Heart and Mind. And so people can go to that third program and then go into business. And we have a team training. So, those programs are all for people coming just into the program to lead their workshops, do coaching, whatever. And then very early on, we got asked for trainers, especially in other languages, so somebody from Italy and then there's somebody in Italian now, Italy and Spain, and then in South Africa, just because it was so far away from the US. So we got these requests pretty early on, and we started the teacher trainer program. And those we require a lot of training to be able to be a trainer, because there is so much to Louise's work in terms of especially the emotional depth, but really learning how to do all the affirmations and everything else that's involved. So now again, we have 21 teacher trainers worldwide. And they offer the workshop leader training, usually the coaching, and some of them do the Managing with Heart and Mind training as well. So it's blossomed in ways that Rick and I could never have imagined. We were just guided all along the way for each next step. And it's something that Louise often said, she said, "I listened to what people asked me for, and I responded."

Cheryl Hodgson [13:59]

Wow, I think that's a very, very important message, because I know I was speaking with someone else in another podcast episode a few days ago. And that was one of the things he talked about is, in a context of how well known your brand is to somebody and what is it they want. If you ask people the right questions, and you listen to your audience and to your customers, they will let you know what it is they would love to have you share.

Patricia Crane [14:35]

Absolutely. And it just goes on from there. Again, Louise hadn't really thought of an official training program for the workshops. And so when people asked me in England in particular for it, and I talked to her, she said, "Oh, great!" I feel very, very fortunate. I'm blessed every day to have worked with Louise, and then continue to offer her work.

Cheryl Hodgson [14:57]

Well, you have so much experience in this field in terms of setting something like this up and I get phone calls as an attorney for people who've been there. As you said, there's so many coaches and trainers out there now, especially on the internet. And there are some certification programs. There's other situations where people are just training people but not actually licensing anyone or watching out what's happening with their trademark. But what is probably the greatest lesson you learned that you might be able to share with someone who is thinking of their own training program along these lines to create a legacy?

Patricia Crane [15:38]

Yeah, well, the first thing is that you really have to have done your own experiential work with getting it out there and really knowing that it works. You can't just, "oh, I'm creating a workshop, and then I'll do a training on it," you really need to have that depth within yourself of it as well. And also to just make sure that it's something that people are really responding to. That it's really that helpful in their own lives. Now they're different levels, I offer along with my husband and the other trainers, we're offering personal development work. So it applies to anything that you're wanting to do. But then there are other people who are doing very much business oriented kinds of things that are very specific to a particular industry, perhaps, and things like that. And you need to look at what other people are offering and what is unique, that USP, that Unique Selling Point, What is unique about what I'm offering, not just because other people are doing something similar. And I think Louise's work is unique in the sense that it seems very basic in some ways, and fundamental, but it's also very profound. We have people who've come to the training, who said, "oh, I've been reading and doing Louise's work for 20 years,” and they're amazed at how much more they learn, just in the process of what we do at the training. So, that's really important, too, is "what is your own depth of what you're offering? What's unique about what you're doing? What's your perspective, that's a little bit different?" And then how is that impacting the people that you're working with?

Cheryl Hodgson [17:15]

And are there any pitfalls or real challenges along the way that you had to overcome over this 25 year journey?

Patricia Crane [17:23]

That's a really good question. I think the ongoing process of just again, and I think I would say it's more recent than in the beginning, because in the beginning, again, Louise's book was out there, it became a bestseller. It was so wonderful. And as time has gone on, there are a lot of other kinds of programs and especially online. And so I think one of the challenges we've had is really communicating to people that the reason we do this in person, and we've asked to do it online a number of times. We've been asked, but we do it in person, because there is such depth to what we go through. That it is something you can't possibly do online. So especially in more recent years, I would say that was a challenge to really communicate to people that "this is why it really needs to be in person and not an online program." And probably you know a lot of people as I do and I've done it myself is, you sign up for an online program and you get through the first two parts and then you don't get through the rest And you've paid for it.

Cheryl Hodgson [18:30]

I've actually been guilty of that myself on more than one occasion. Well, I hate to tell you this, but I've heard a statistic that it's something as high as over 85% of the people who buy online programs never complete them.

Patricia Crane [18:44]

And when we do an in-person program, you're going to be there for the week, the Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday, whatever it happens to be. And there's also some other evidence that when people learn in person, they retain 92%. When they do it online, they retain less than 20%. And so part of it is the emotional part of when you're with a group, you're with other people that can also really experience what you're doing. And it just stays with people. So it really stays with them.

Cheryl Hodgson [19:19]

Well, I've been playing with this whole issue of being more than just the legal side of branding for over 10 years, and so I've tried to study as much as I can. And one of the things that's actually been a challenge in my own thinking is, "what does it really mean to have a brand?" And especially in something like personal development and service. To me, it's about the three words I've come up with, and I'm working with right now our Connection, Community, and Contribution, and Currency, which is actually four words. But there's that in person aspect of creating that connection and community with other people that I don't think you get in an online setting.

Patricia Crane [20:10]

And it's wonderful if people choose to do some of those, but again, any of the personal growth work, I would say you really need to do it in person because that's what really gives you the transformation. And we get very frequently people will say at the end of our week, "this is the most transformational week I've ever experienced,” or at least one of the most transformational. So, we know that the work is really good, and what then what they take out to help other people is really powerful. And we have so many workshop leaders and coaches around the world that are just doing fabulous work helping people transform and we truly believe that as people transform one by one, that impacts the world. And we may not always be able to see it, but it is happening.

Cheryl Hodgson [20:58]

Well, change begins within. And what is the old saying Buddha said that "the longest journey is from here to here."

Patricia Crane [21:10]

Head to the heart, right.

Cheryl Hodgson [21:12]

I was one of those people who lived in her head 98% of the time for the first 35, 40 years of my life. And then I began the journey and it was a long and arduous process for me to connect to that. How many countries is the program in now? Over 70, isn't it?

Patricia Crane [21:32]

In terms of the trainers, there's 21 countries where it's taught, but in terms of where all the workshop leaders and some of the coaches are, at least 70 at this point, which is pretty amazing. And it's really amazing that most recently, we have a trainer in Arabic in Saudi Arabia, and also in Kuwait and around that region. So that's pretty amazing.

Cheryl Hodgson [21:57]

Do you and Rick still travel to go work with the leaders?

Patricia Crane [22:00]

Actually our next one, and it's our last official training, and we're going to continue to support the Heal Your Life community worldwide, but our next training is actually in Singapore.

Cheryl Hodgson [22:11]

Oh, fabulous.

Patricia Crane [22:12]

And the couple that came to our training in 2012, they've been teaching in English and Chinese. And so she will be our first trainer in Chinese which I think is pretty exciting as well. So that's our next one, we're going to not travel quite as much, we'll be doing more videos like this, and being able to communicate that way, and support the Heal Your Life workshop leaders and coaches and trainers and the other programs that are out there in the best way that we can to continue Louise's legacy. Again, it's such an important part of transforming the world.

Cheryl Hodgson [22:51]

Oh, absolutely. I know you personally, from having had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with you on the program. So I know the devotion and the commitment you and Rick both have had, it's been your life's work really, I think would be a way to put it. And so it's got to be tremendously satisfying. And what's the next evolution for the Heal Your Life program?

Patricia Crane [23:20]

Well, that's a great question as well. I think first of all, just to continue expanding what we're doing, but also to add in some additional courses, we do have a few other short three hour ones that are Heal Your Life that, sometimes it's easier for people to attend a three hour one than a two day one, or even to teach it if they have a busy life and kids, etc, etc. But mainly I think it's to really continue with what we're doing to look at new ways to just help people deepen their experience with the Heal Your Life work. But the Heal Your Life work is so wonderful because it will never go out of style.

Cheryl Hodgson [23:59]

Absolutely, there's always a new generation,

Patricia Crane [24:02]

Our human self will always need that spiritual, emotional, mental, physical transformation. So I truly see that as absolutely continuing and expanding into all the new things that we have, like, of course, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever new comes along in terms of some of those aspects of technology, which I got dragged into.

Cheryl Hodgson [24:28]

Well, we all have, whether it's kicking or screaming or joyfully.

Patricia Crane [24:34]

Go along like that, yes, absolutely.

Cheryl Hodgson [24:36]

This actually was one of my passions or motivations in writing my book and also, creating the podcast is that there is such a challenge for people who are launching any product or service now, to navigate all the channels and platforms on which you either need to choose from or need to be seen and heard on. Because different age groups and different people respond to different platforms. Who would have thought Facebook is for old people?

Patricia Crane [25:15]

That that really is a challenge because to be able to prioritize where you want to spend your time because as you probably know, and I've certainly experienced, you can go on Facebook to look at something, and you're down the rabbit hole, It's two hours later, and you're like, "oh, my goodness, what have I accomplished?" But you've probably seen a couple of funny videos. And read some good quotes, and things like that. But I think that's something that our workshop leaders and coaches, and even the trainers are struggling with a bit is, "how do I prioritize my time, so that I'm really sharing valuable information with people and not getting so caught up in going through a whole lot of stuff that may not be helpful?” And I know that's a challenge for me at times, because you can just get swept up in going through things and all of a sudden, it's two hours later.

Cheryl Hodgson [26:10]

Well, yeah, exactly. And then the technology part of just implementation, maintaining and troubleshooting can also be its own issue. So is there something that most people would not know about you? I like to put the guests on the spot just a little bit.

Patricia Crane [26:32]

Well, do you want something embarrassing or something just reasonable?
Cheryl Hodgson [26:35]

Absolutely embarrassing for sure!

Patricia Crane [26:37]

The first thing is that I don't think most people know that I was born in Savannah, Georgia because I don't have a southern accent anymore. Growing up, but my father,

Cheryl Hodgson [26:47]

That's not embarrassing. That's actually pretty cool.

Patricia Crane [26:50]

But one thing that was embarrassing a number of years ago, I was working for the welfare department. And I was a little late because I wasn't the most on-time person at that time. And I now do my affirmations. I'm always on time for everything. I turned into the parking lot off of red light, basically, into where I was working. And all of a sudden behind me, I saw the red lights of the cop car. And he pulled me over and said "you were a little late on the yellow." I was actually going through a red light, but the embarrassing part was that everybody in the office could see me. They were all looking out the windows at me. And when I came into the office, I got so much ribbing about that. I said, "well, It was late. I was just trying to get there on time."

Cheryl Hodgson [27:42]

Okay, well, Patricia, if that's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done then that's okay.

Patricia Crane [27:48]

That's not the most embarrassing thing obviously.

Cheryl Hodgson [27:50]

If there's one or two things on your bucket list either personally or professionally, that you haven't done, that you would love to add into your life, what would it be?

Patricia Crane [28:05]

I'd really have to think about that. Because traveling was always at the top of my list from the time I was like 16 years old. And as you know, I've been to a lot of countries. And there are a few countries that I had probably thought I would visit at some point that now that Rick and I are not going to be traveling as much, I'm probably not going to get there. So at the moment, I can't really think of anything that's actually on my bucket list that I either haven't done or wouldn't do in the future. Rick wants to go to like Antarctica or something, I think. And I told him he can go by himself to that one!
Cheryl Hodgson [28:42]

That's 60 below!

Patricia Crane [28:45]

I don't know temperatures or anything like that. I am working on another book right now. And the book is just tangentially about the Heal Your Life work because it includes a lot of the travel adventures that Rick and I have had. Like the time that we got pulled aside because he had a banana in his backpack from Australia. And then another time that we ended up in the red light district in Luxembourg when we were going there to do a workshop, we realized that we had booked a place in the red light district. So I'm writing a book that includes just a lot of those fun things, but also about how travel changes you, and how important it is in our current culture and our current time to do more traveling, whether you're just exploring other countries online or if you're able to actually travel. Because when you do that, you do find that at the heart, everybody wants the same things. And we're not so different after all, My one sister-in-law sent me a photo one time that said, "I am not the same having seen the moon from the other side of the world."

Cheryl Hodgson [29:59]

Oh, what a beautiful quote!

Patricia Crane [30:00]

Isn't it a beautiful quote? And it's really true because again, you get to know these other cultures and how some of their rituals and how some of their experiences come about. And you realize that "yes, we're different on this outside, but we're not different on the inside."

Cheryl Hodgson [30:19]

No, not at all. And I think that so much of the stereotypes and the images presented in media have kind of created divides between people that aren't really there once you meet someone. And I have had the same experience over the years. When I would travel every year for years, I would go to a music industry conference in France and I would take a week afterwards, or five days and I would go find some small village on purpose, it would have to be a small town or area and I would love to just go to the local shops. And there's something about the rituals of Saturday afternoon in a French village. That's when the entire village comes out to shop for Sunday dinner, Or Sunday lunch. And the bakeries are open. It's a cultural experience and you really start to see how people are the same everywhere. Well, I want to thank you so much for joining me. I do have a question for you. Do you have a free gift or something you like to share with the audience?

Patricia Crane [31:28]

I do. If they would like to get the Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen journal for 2020, would they email me, or would they email you to get it?

Cheryl Hodgson [31:38]

Well, if you have a link, we'll post a link in the show notes. And if you'll give me that link, I'll make sure it's in the show notes. And we may also be able to add it on the screen afterward once you know the URL.

Patricia Crane [31:53]

Okay. So the journal has just some background on affirmations and dozens of affirmations you can use and then a whole section where you do your own affirmations for January, February, March, every single month of the year. So they can use that to start looking ahead and creating what they want.

Cheryl Hodgson [32:11]

Oh, that's fabulous. And if someone's interested in attending a Heal Your Life workshop or learning more about the teacher trainings, where would they go?

Patricia Crane [32:20]

Okay, we have two websites. www.HealYourLifeTraining.com is the one that tells you all about the training. worldwide. And the other one is www.HealYourLifeWorkshops.com. And that's where all the teachers worldwide and coaches are posted. And they can post their workshops and their bios and tell you a little bit about themselves. So those are the two websites that are the primary websites.

Cheryl Hodgson [32:44]

So no matter where you're listening, you too can attend a Heal Your Life workshop somewhere in one of 70 plus countries around the world. So, Patricia, I want to thank you so much. I'm very grateful that you made time out of your schedule to join me. And once your book is written, perhaps you can come back and share some more be a guest on a different episode.

Patricia Crane [33:04]

I'd be happy to. Thank you Cheryl
Dr. Patricia Crane is an author, speaker, and trainer. Patricia was privileged to study with Louise Hay, author of the beyond-bestselling book You Can Heal Your Life. Dr. Crane was part of the Heal Your Life staff for the intensives and then was personally chosen by Louise Hay to lead the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop. Leading this workshop evolved into a worldwide training program for Heal Your Life workshop leaders and coaches. Patricia and her partner Rick Nichols have a licensing agreement with Hay House to offer these trainings around the world. During the past 25 years, Patricia has led hundreds of personal growth workshops and is the author of Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations.

Whether you are CEO of your own evolving brand, or you are serving as a guide and mentor to other emerging brand owners, it's important to include legal protection for valuable brand assets. Brand names and logos as well as other intellectual property are often the most valuable business assets a company will ever own. Registered trademarks or product names, logos, and slogans are a potent weapon against domain hijackers, cybersquatters, as well as other later entrants into the market. In my international bestselling book, Registered Trademark: The Business Owner's Guide to Brand Protection, I reveal my simple three-step process to help select, secure, and sustain protection for your own brand dream team. And I'll share how to bulletproof your business both online and off. As my special gift to our listeners, you can receive a free copy of my book, simply go to Brandaide.com/freegift to receive your copy today. And you'll pay only for shipping and handling.

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